Throw a 'Marvel-icious' Superhero Party

Throw a 'Marvel-icious' Superhero Party

Everyone loves the superhero. Whether they’re into marvel, comic books, or just love running around in a cape, a Superhero Party is always a popular themed party for boys and girls alike. The day is sure to be gone in a ‘flash’ so we have all the comic book themed goodies to make your Superhero Party extra super, and make you the real hero this birthday!

Superhero Decorations

pop-art-superhero-tableware-35569 Our Pop Art themed decorations are a popular choice for and superhero party. Keep the party broad, not limiting the theme to the Avengers and let their imagination go comic crazy. pop art decs Make an impact and decorate the entire room with Happy Birthday Bunting paired with our pop art pinwheels and string decorations. product_96616_1_orig Get personal and add a personalised banner or poster.   balloons Finally get air bound and fill the room with balloons.

Superheroes Superfood

product_91677_1_orig Use our cupcake toppers and picks to label some cupcakes and healthy snacks alike to make the whole party scream Comic. These drinks wrap are a fun addition to your fizzy pop. You might even be able to sneak some 'invisible power-up juice' (aka water) down them with these funky labels. Label fruit and veg with power and fighting pro's to encourage eating those 5-a-day's!707e4ef223ff64a4f31dd02b1abce6b5Image:     

Superhero Party Games


Spider-Man Piñata

superhero party spiderman pinata Liven the party with a piñata. We have this great Spiderman piñata. But if Spidey isn’t your hero of choice you could always go with one of our numbered age piñatas. Click here for our choice of piñata filler sweet and toys.

Superhero poster game

superhero party game  This Superhero Party game is a spin on the classic pin the tail on the donkey. The aim of the game is to is to stick an arc reactor on Iron Man's chest whilst blindfolded. The game includes the Marvels Avengers poster with Iron Man mask and arc reactor stickers. The child that gets their sticker closest wins…get those Spidey senses warmed up! Click here to choose from our many Superhero toys as a prize.    

Pass the Parcel

 pass the parcel superhero party Pass the Parcel…another classic party game to introduce for you Superhero Party. We have a great range of Superhero themed toys for you to wrap. Layer the excitement in paper and unveil one of our many toy surprises. Click here for our toy collection of toys.



Photo booth Fun

  popart superhero party props comic superhero party props   Everyone loves some selfie silliness. This is great for the kids and the big kids...get everyone involved! Silly faces, Superhero Poses…. the choice is yours. Just add our photo booth props and start snapping. This is a great fun addition to the party, and some great memorabilia for the years to come. Choose from either our Comic Superhero Props with 10 entertaining photo props in various comic book style designs. Each kit includes 3 action speech bubbles, 1 bubble with a writeable chalkboard surface, 1 lightning bolt, and 5 heroic masks. Or we have our Pop Art Props packs both in pink and blue. The pack contains 8 different props made of card; two masks, a pair of city building glasses, a pair of luscious red lips, a red moustache, a spotty bow tie and a pair of blue star shaped glasses.


Superhero Fancy Dress

Whether is Avengers Assemble or you have you own little ‘Superstar’ we have everything you need.  superhero party fancy dress     We have a great choice of Superhero Costumes which will really make them stand out from the crowd. Here is Supergirl, Batman and sidekick Robin.   superhero party fancy dress Alternatively, if you want to get a little creative why not choose our Unisex Superhero kit which includes superhero cape, eye mask and cuffs! Or pair our fabric cape with a choice of superhero mask and make your very own Superhero. This could be a great idea for all the children to do.    

Superhero Party Bags

 superhero personalised party bags    Whatever your comic of choice we have a great range of party bags to keep the party going until they step out the door. Make the party personal with these personalised superhero party bags. You can also purchase these pre-filled with a great selection of party bag filler toys. pop art superhero party bags   Alternatively, we our pop art range continues right through to party bags, both in pink and blue. You can fill them with your choice of party bag filler toys.  

Superhero Party Bag Fillers

  superhero party bag fillers When it comes to say goodbye, we have a fab range of goodies to fill those party bags to make your party one to remember! From Superhero notebooks, stickers and pencils to superhero themed gliders which should entertain the kiddies for the rest of the day, if they’re not already wiped. And for those superheroes with a villainous side we have these fab superhero themed fake tattoos…. nothing cooler!  Click here to find our range of Superhero toys.  

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    Superhero theme is favorite among all kids. Minute details which you have shared are really nice. Party is looking so cool. Will gonna try it for my son’s next birthday as superheros are his favorite. Thanks for sharing!

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