Top 10 Essentials & Accessories for a Beach Party

Top 10 Essentials & Accessories for a Beach Party

Can we really depend on the English weather to plan a BBQ and an outdoor summer party? Even if the weather forecast map has lots of little suns plastered over it for the day… you can be sure the sun gets replaced with rain clouds before your party has even started. If you're lucky and the weather holds, then you can have a smashing beach party, enjoy the sun and chomp down plenty of hotdogs with sand encrusted buns, but if in doubt, the best option might be to play it safe, hold the party indoors and make sunny on the inside with a beach themed party.

We've come up with our top 10 essentials and accessories for any beach party – whether you're party indoors or out, you can really make your party feel like you are on a tropical beach.


1. Inflatable Palm Tree

First on our list of essential beach party accessories is the inflatable palm tree. If you're trying to create a desert island theme or conjure up images of warmer shores, then they're ideal. They're 5ft tall, and very easily inflated. Standing one in the corner of your room, on sand is an option, depending on how house proud you are. If you're out on the actual beach and in the sunshine, they can be half-buried in the sand and work really well as an advertisement for you party. The best thing about inflatable palm trees – there's no danger of falling coconuts injuring guests. If you really want to make the palm trees stand out, you can try placing a few of our honeycomb crabs around the base to finish the effect.

beach party essentials

2. Beach Related Fancy Dress Costumes

We all love an excuse to dress up. If the weathers good, donning some shorts or a dress summer dress can really help you enjoy the summer, but the great thing about an indoor summer party is you can turn the heating up and still enjoy the thrills of getting your legs out! What you wear depends on how daring you want to be? Very loud and bright Hawaiian shirts are often a popular choice, but you could go crazy and choose something even more tropically themed - we have a parrot costume that has proven very popular with the men and will certainly cause a few laughs. For the girls we have Hawaiian sets which include a headband, lei and bracelets all at a very low cost. Not forgetting the children… super cute Monkey costumes would definitely complete the family look! Fancy dress can really help make a beach themed party all that more enjoyable. Bright colours and loose clothing help keep everyone cool and it's relatively easy to find an outfit to suit everyone's taste. Hats, hulas, grass skirts and shell-based costumes – all these things brighten up the party.

 beach party essentials including beach party fancy dress


3. The Costume Accessory

Even if you don’t want to dress up, you could throw on a colourful lei, carry a parrot handbag, wear some flamingo glasses or wear some flower bracelets. All no effort required. Other accessories may well add to the fun including inflatable sharks, pink flamingos, swash-buckling pirate swords and more that can be tucked under an arm and be used as part of the party games or just a talking point.


4. Where to Put the Beer?

Why stack the fridge up with all the party drink when you can have an inflatable treasure chest in the centre of the room, no need to walk to the fridge and much easier for your guests. Besides who wants your guests peeking in your fridge?!  Party accessories like these are essential – providing a practical use while maintaining the theme of your party. Simple, yet thoroughly effective and fun to boot!


5. The Entertainment

Fifth on the list of our beach party essentials is the entertainment! Obviously a big part of any party is keeping the guests entertained and amused. We've found that photo props are always highly entertaining, the monkey prop will have you drinking from a coconut, the jungle prop will have you swinging through the jungle. Not forgetting the colourful cut out inspired by the great British summer holiday, nostalgic days gone by at the end of the pier, all will make great photo opportunities!

beach party essentials
If you're trying to put on some entertainment, then coming up with beach party games is another idea. If you're feeling brave, you could buy a ball and invest in a net and setup a beach volleyball game – you'd better remove the breakable from the room. A game like this is certainly easier on the beach. But an under-inflated beach ball or a balloon would work well without risk to windows or ornaments. Other fun ideas include things like musical beach towels, coconut bowling, pin the coconut on the palm tree, bobbing for seashells, coconut shy and more. All to get your guests interacting and having fun while maintaining the beach theme!


6. Surfer Street Signs

What would a beach party be without a surfer? Where ever there's a beach, there will always be a surfer… these super cool surfer street signs will be perfect for a house party with ‘riptide’ ‘gone surfing’ and ‘shoot the curl’ signs. They'll help set the theme of your beach party before people even get to the house. If you're having an actual beach party (i.e. on the beach) then they're a good way of guiding people to the party itself. The beach is a big place after all.


7. Themed Party Lighting

Just like rain, night time is inevitable. But just because its dark doesn't mean you want the party to finish. If you're lucky and it isn’t raining outside when it comes to dusk, then you can have the pleasure of using our candle lanterns. These are a great way to illuminate outdoors with a burn time of 8 hours! Just place the tea-lights in the bags for a gorgeous glow.


8. Plastic Life Preserver

Towards the end of the night you might have a few guests that need saving… all you will need to do to be the perfect host is to throw them one of these. Just perfect for them to hold on to in-case they feel they have sea sickness?!

 beach party essentials


9. Shark Toilet Topper

The sea sickness guest will need the toilet… and this shark topper for the toilet seat will either make them feel worse or will make them laugh. We admit he is pretty scary, and we do avoid looking at him in our warehouse. I do have one at home to occasionally scare the children, which is purely for my entertainment. He may be No9 on the essential beach party list but he is by far the most entertaining…



10.  Tropical Beach Insta-View & Friends?

Last on our list of essential beach party accessories is the tropical beach view. I expect we all wish to be sat on a hot beach somewhere, looking at the amazing view, going for a swim.. this insta-view prop won’t get you there, but it will provide a nice backdrop to your party where your friends can at least pretend…. Just don’t forget to invite your friends & family to your amazing tropical paradise of a party.

This is our top 10 list of beach party essential accessories. It is by no means definitive. So if you've ever had, held or been to a beach party and would like to share your experiences with us, please feel free to do so in the comments. We'd love to hear about things that worked! Check back soon for more party ideas from the people in the know –


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    It is one of our most popular themes, especially good to have in winter to remind us of the sunshine!!

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    Throwing an indoor beach party sounds like a great idea! I am wondering what an amazing and cool party it would be if I would plan a party like this.

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