Top 10 Fancy Dress Ideas For Couples & A Chance To Win A Costume!!

So you’ve been invited to (or are hosting) a fancy dress party and you’re looking for ideas. Being a couple can easily double the fun of a fancy dress party - mix and match your costumes for a double wow factor that’ll really turn some heads or just pick something unusual to make people laugh.

There’s plenty of opportunity for creating a great fancy dress double team. You just need to find the theme and pick something that works for you as a couple. Obviously if you really want to impress people then you need to choose costumes that both of you will feel comfortable in and if you’re attending someone else’s party then you’ll have to stick to their theme but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of opportunity to work with. The following is our top 10 list of fancy dress ideas for couples. It’s by no means a definitive list, but it’ll hopefully give you some inspiration.


1.      Gangsters and Molls

There’s plenty of reasons the ‘gangsters and molls’ theme is so popular when it comes to couples fancy dress, but the main one is the fact that this theme easily satisfies both parties. The women get to dress up in sexy, elegant and glitzy dresses with a classic style, while the men get to play with guns for the evening (or at least carry a toy one around and pretend they’re boys again). Zoot suits, braces, fancy ties and even braces give the men a dashing, daring and handsome look as 1920’s style gangsters, while the ladies get to turn heads and shake their feather boas! Gangsters and molls is a timeless fancy dress theme that’s perfect for couples on a night out. If you’re hosting your own fancy dress party then it’s an easy choice that will keep guests happy. Just make sure you’ve got enough room on your hat stand!


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2.      Animal Magic

Just because you’re going as a couple to a fancy dress party, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear matching (or even similar) costumes. You could always opt for something different but in the same genre. This is where animal costumes are great.  Go as a couple of beasts from the jungle and you’re unlikely to lose your partner in the sea of other guests. Although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend wearing a fully costume in the summer, these animal costumes are still great for any fancy dress party. If you want to co-ordinate, you could always pick something from the same species. For example a tiger costume is available for both men and women, though obviously they have a very different look – the ladies having the option of being a bit racier while men’s are generally more cuddly and furry! If you’re clever you could add some humour to your fancy dress costumes and use the fact that you’re going to the party as a couple to your advantage. One of you dresses up as a gorilla, while the other pops on a banana suit and you’ve got some hilarious antics before you even get through the front door!

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3.      Doctors and Nurses

Not just a game for children (or something racier for private occasions), dressing up as doctors and nurses can be a great way to add a bit of fun to your fancy dress outfits. There are plenty of options here too, from the simple white doctor’s coat to the full-blown outfit with stethoscope, mask and hat. You can keep it classy with subtle and smart outfits or really turn up the heat with something a bit more figure hugging; it all depends on you, the party you’re attending and the effect you’re trying to achieve. For something completely different you could opt for the ‘zombie’ look. Zombies are all the rage nowadays and what better way to stand out from the crowd of other doctors and nurses than with brains splattered all over your outfit? Zombie nurse are a fantastic twist on a classic costume and perfect for Halloween parties or any fancy dress party where you’re planning to be a hit!

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4.      Uniforms & Heroes

Following on from our doctors and nurses theme is the option of other uniforms. People love a man (or woman) in uniform and going as a couple, there are plenty of matching uniforms to choose from – police officer, fire fighter, soldiers and sailors and much more. There’s so much choice with uniform fancy dress that you’ll easily find something to suit the both of you. Men get the chance to look strapping and assert their authority in a captain costume, while the ladies can turn heads and keep everyone in line at the same time!



5.      Grease and Rock ‘n’ Roll

It’s not to everyone’s taste and you might have trouble convincing some men to dress up in outfits from a musical, but there’s plenty to be said for a classic Grease style outfit. Classic rock ‘n’ roll chic, glam looks, bright hair, leather jackets and big American style – this sort of fancy dress never seems to go out of fashion. Convince the blokes they’re the Fonze and they’ll soon be digging it!


6.      Celebrities & Famous Couples

A fantastically simple way to go to a fancy dress party with a united front – dress up as a famous couple or pair of celebrities. There are plenty of options here as well, whether you decide to go as members of the Royal Family, Hollywood Starlets or simply your favourite characters off Eastenders. If you’re worried you won’t be able to pull off the look with just an outfit, there’s always the option of a low-cost celebrity face mask – though we’d recommend packing a straw or two as they might get in the way of your drinking! Going as a celebrity couple to a fancy dress party is a low-cost alternative but we’d recommend picking someone recently famous and avoiding famous couples if you don’t have your finger on the latest celebrity gossip – you’ll look daft if you turn up as a couple that’s recently split up! (Or perhaps it might lead to some topical humour!)



7.      Complementary Outfits

Remember, just because you’re going to a fancy dress party doesn’t mean you have to actually dress up as a human being. There are plenty of options for amusing couples costumes that really stand out and will help you be the highlight of the party. From salt & pepper shakers to bacon and eggs, plug and plug socket, two-halves of a pantomime cow or characters from The Wizard of Oz. If you put your mind to it, there are plenty of different options to make people laugh. Some more ideas for you – a cat and ball of twine, Elliot and ET on a bike, Mario and Luigi, bee keeper and bee, couch potato and TV, Angel and Devil, nut and bolt, Mr and Mrs Potato Head.



8.      Superheroes & Villains

Whoever said Robin had to be a boy? There’s no reason batman’s sidekick can’t be a girl in a tight-fitting and colourful outfit. Sexy Robin and dashingly handsome Batman can throw out the couple’s fancy dress rule book and play by their own rules! They are superheroes after all, so who’s going to argue with them? Superhero costumes have been a popular getup for fancy dress parties for decades. Who doesn’t like to pretend they can fly or rescue the damsel in distress?  They work perfectly for couple’s costumes as you can team up as a crime fighting duo with the appropriate sidekick or arrive at the party with your arch enemy and spend the night fighting and frolicking or just being daft!


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9.      Something Seasonal

Couples fancy dress can be just as fun if you stick to a seasonal theme – for the summer, tropical beach pair of fancy dress that includes Hawaiian shirts, straw hats, small bikinis and garlands will help keep you cool in the warmth of the party and add light and colour to your outfit that will make you stand out. In the winter, Christmas themed outfits can include Santa Claus and Mrs Claus or his reindeer or even (if you are sure you won’t accidentally offend anyone) Jesus and Mary. Obviously in Halloween there’s plenty of opportunity for scary, gory and amusing couples outfits to bring spooky to the party. At Easter, a bunny and egg would make an amusing combination.



10. Novelty Costumes

Novelty costumes are pretty amusing on their own, doubly so when you’re doing it as a couple. Whether you’re going in identical costumes or costumes that complement and just work together, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Dress up as a hotdog and have your other half go as the mustard or go as a drill and tape measure or just dress up as a bottle of beer. Whatever you do, be sure to have plenty of fun with it as that’s the most important part of the party after all. So those are our top 10 ideas for fancy dress costumes. Let us know if you’ve seen any other awesome, funny or daft costumes and check out our fancy dress costume section for more inspiration. For a chance to win a costume (to the value of £30) of your choice enter the competition below! A Rafflecopter giveaway.


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