How to turn your home into a haunted house! Part 1...

How to turn your home into a haunted house! Part 1...

The choice of Halloween decorations can be overwhelming, so I've organised ours into handy Halloween themes for you to choose from.

Bats and Vampires Party theme

The most traditional of all, bats and vampires is an easy way to decorate any room. product_104018_1_origThese hanging bat decorations would look great in any window or door frame. Give your guests something to walk through! Here's an idea.. Get some black card and cut out as many bat shapes as you can. Stick these all over the place. You will be surprised how amazing such an easy idea will look. I have done this before and stuck them to the ceiling and walls.     product_96212_1_orig Card board cut out This handy card board cut out will look perfect in any corner of the room. Yes that's right, card board cut out.... It looks so real. Well imagine scaring your guests with this. You could even have it hidden somewhere in the house so that your guests will be sure to have a fright. product_84413_1_orig Glitter chandelier kit - Pack of 17   These hanging decorations will look great just hanging around the place. The best thing is they come in a pack of 17!!!

Creepy Carnival Party Theme

creepy-carnival-party-theme-38292 Welcome to the sinister world of the creepy carnival! With scary clown characters lurking in the shadows and gruesome carnival decorations your guests are sure to be freaked out this Halloween! product_97750_1_orig Creepy carnival scene setter pack This is great to buy as it comes in a pack of 32 which includes; 2 plastic sheets and a paper cut out pack. Now this would look perfect on any wall or even hung in the window so that all your trick or treaters can see the image when they walk to your house!! Sure to give anyone a right scare. product_102145_1_orig Creepy clowns personalised banner!!!   Why not add a personalised touch to any halloween birthday party with this personalised banner! The good thing about this is that you can add any message you want!      

 Haunted House and Graveyard Party Theme

Turn your venue into the scariest Haunted House yet! A seriously popular theme and for good reason, nothing quite says Halloween than a creaking hallway, cobwebs, and unknown things lurking in dark shadows. I love this as it really is the easiest one yet! sekelton Pack of 6 lawn props, ready to give a scare the moment your guests or trick or treaters arrive. These fun garden signs would look great out the front of your house. They come in a pack of  6 and each of the props comes with its own sturdy stick so that you can safely prop them into the ground with no hassle. You could also pop these into big flower pots to leave at the front of your house.         product_101945_1_orig Decorate your entrance     This can be used either at your front door or if your taking your party outside, then you could add this leading to the garden. Put small tomb stones dotted around the garden to really make it feel like your guests have just entered a cemetery.   product_66987_1_orig Plastic tombstone Save Save


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