Turn your home into a haunted house - Part 2

Turn your home into a haunted house - Part 2

With halloween literally just around the corner, here's a few more haunted ideas that could help you when decorating your home this October.

Traditional Halloween Decorations

Halloween doesn't have to be a scary affair, you could go down the route of using bright and colourful decorations to set the scene for everyone to enjoy. Really when you think of halloween the colours to stick too are orange, black, white and maybe purple. Keeping it autumnal will surely add to this theme. pumpkins Designer Tissue Pumpkins Assorted Colours & Sizes - 25.4cm - Pack of 5 These fun pumpkins can be used in any display within the house. I always like to decorate my hall table by my front door with creepy cloth and pumpkins. It's an effective way to just add a little extra. Obviously as these are made out of paper i would suggest keeping them indoors. Just in case the typical British weather strikes. Just stick to fantastically carved pumpkins for outdoor use as there are so many amazing carved pumpkin designs that you can get from the internet to help inspire your pumpkin projects. pumpkin lights Pumpkin string lights - Battery powered I LOVE these lights. They are perfect for any room. Personally I would hang them around my fire place, in exchange for my summer bunting or if you were hosting a party then simply spreading these out among your food table would equally look great. candle wraps Halloween Candle wraps Now, if you don't have time for carving pumpkins then these candle wraps are the best alternative. They simply wrap around either a normal tea light or you could purchase the battery powered lights. Either way they would look great in a darkened room or even outside by your front door.

Zombie themed decorations

Decorating your house as if the zombie apocalypse has taken over will really get your guests freaking out. These realistic bloody fingers would look fantastic in the punch bowl... Just simply fill up a glass bowl with lemonade and put these in!! Or if your looking for something a little stronger, a vodka punch will do the trick. fingers Realistic bloody fingers These fun decorations can be used either at the front door or anywhere to add that extra scare round the corner.. Keep your guests guessing all night. ground breaker Zombie ground breaker There's so many themes you could use for Halloween this year, if you want more ideas then  Visit https://www.partypacks.co.uk..


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