Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

unique birthday party ideas for adults

A suitable adult birthday party can be any theme you wish, from a fun and colourful superhero party to a more glitzy and glamorous awards night celebration perhaps. Follow our top tips for holding a memorable adults birthday party. We’ve highlighted the top 15 adult party ideas with some expert tips on fancy dress, party games and decorations. Get the theme right and your party will blow your guests away.


Vegas Casino Night

Ideal as a birthday party theme idea for men and women of all ages, a Vegas theme casino night will truly give guests a bit of excitement. Allow them to enjoy your very own indoor amusement park of dreams by transforming your venue with some simple decorations recreating the sights and sounds of Vegas. Party games naturally include Blackjack, Roulette or you could even recreate the fruit machines by asking guests to line up and present their fruit to see if they match.

Add to the casino theme fun with some photo booth props so guests can capture the night’s fun and games. Decorations can be added to tables, ceilings and even doorways. Use banners, balloons and hanging ceiling swirl decorations with the iconic red and black symbols from a pack of cards.

Continue your casino party theme with party food using casino card picks for cocktail sausages, platters of meats and cheeses or olives for quick snacking on the go while your guests gamble the night away.

birthday party ideas for adults


 Harry Potter

Popular with both adults and children alike, why not transform your birthday party venue into Hogwarts for a magical celebration. You could add a sorting hat to divide your guests into teams for a series of Harry Potter inspired party games.

Put a spin on things with ‘pin the glasses on Harry Potter’ or perhaps a ‘golden snitch treasure hunt’ around your venue. For some livelier Harry Potter party games why not give DIY ‘Table Quidditch’ a try with beer pong cups in position at either end of the table.

Decorations can include life-size cutouts of your favourite Harry Potter characters, bunting, balloons, banners and backdrops to recreate the magical world of Harry Potter.

Official Harry Potter tableware always looks amazing at an adult birthday party. Team these with a real Hogwarts feast including ‘Huffle puffs’ (cheese puffs), ‘magic wands’ (breadsticks), and a bubbling cauldron of ‘invisibility potion’ (fruit juice) to keep your guests fed and watered. A wizard themed birthday cake looks great as a table centerpiece, and any leftovers can be popped into Harry Potter party bags to take away.

adult birthday party ideas


Milestone Birthday

Whether you’re turning 21or 90, don’t be shy, why not make your milestone birthday the party theme! Simply decorate your venue around your age theme, letting guests celebrate your milestone birthday in the best way. Balloons and banners celebrating your age are a great starting point, or you could put the spotlight on the decade you were born by choosing some music or celebrities from the era as a focal point.

Decorate with number themed decorations such as foil or latex balloons, matching tableware and accessories. Team this with matching napkins cups, tablecloths and hanging string decorations. Ensure the little details also include your milestone birthday age such as table confetti and a cake topper.

Birthday cookies featuring your milestone age are a great alternative to birthday cake. Add to the milestone birthday party theme with some personalised bunting to celebrate your age, and make sure its also included on any birthday party invitations and napkins too. 

birthday party ideas for adults



A funky 1980’s themed adult birthday party theme gives guests a great excuse to get dressed up channeling some 80’s fashion icons. Full of loud colours and extreme fashion the 80’s were a unique era. Think neon colours, spandex, leg warmers and the obligatory perm to get the true look. Any guest will want to come in costume to this retro party.

Make sure to create a fitting playlist for your guests to dance the night away to including some of the 1980’s greatest musical icons such as Prince, U2, R.E.M., Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and Madonna.

Try some ‘back to the 80’s’ party games to really test your guest’s knowledge of the decade such as an 80’s trivia treasure hunt, a techno themed musical statues game perhaps, or ‘name that film’ quiz using anonymised film posters leaving guests to fill in the blanks.

With decorations and party bags think neon colours such as hot pink and lime green. Put up some 80’s posters to transport guests back in time and include some printed pictures of 80’s icons such as Madonna, Wham, The A-Team, ET. Why not replay some top 80’s films on a projector in the background such as Knight Rider, Indiana Jones, and The Goonies. 

adult birthday party ideas



Add a little ‘zig-a-zig-aaaah’ to your adult birthday party with a 1990’s party. The 1990’s were defined by the rise in feminism, beginning of the Internet and new technologies. Some of the decade’s most iconic figures such as the Spice Girls, Take That, the Fresh Prince and Britney Spears provide some great fancy dress inspiration and topical background music for your birthday party.

Include references to the decade as key decoration staples to ensure your guests feel as though they’re back partying in the 90’s. Use iconic slogans from the era such as the classic smiley face, and posters for long forgotten products such as Lucky Charms and Mountain Dew to transport guests back in time.

For 1990’s fancy dress think along the lines of snakeskin or velvet fabrics, accessorising with headbands, halter neck tops, leather jackets with shoulder pads and shell suits. Alternatively dress as a key 1990’s figure such as a member of Baywatch, the Spice Girls, Blur, Oasis, the Fresh Prince himself, Mr. Blobby, Super Mario or any other favourite 1990’s icon.

Celebrate Cool Britannia with props such as Union Jack bunting and red, blue and white balloons for a 1990’s vibe. Add a little neon colour to recreate the 1990’s rave scene alongside glow sticks, temporary tattoos and cutout figures of your favourite 1990’s icons. 


Masquerade Ball

A glamorous masquerade ball is an ideal adult birthday party theme. Add a little glitz and sparkle for a spectacular masquerade ball using sequins, feathers, metallic tones and luxurious fabrics to delight guests. 

An enchanting Venetian mask is an essential part of any fancy dress outfit, creating an alluring look. Continue this enchanting theme through the use of black and gold party decorations such as crépe streamers, pom pom tissue balls and shimmering chandelier ceiling pendants.

Extend the charisma of your masquerade birthday ball with black gold and silver table confetti, tissue tassel garlands and bunting to decorate the venue. Naturally balloons and tableware will add to the spectacle ensuring guests feel the magic of the masquerade birthday ball. A shimmer curtain backdrop and some fun photo booth props will ensure you and your guests capture some magical shots of the evening together. 



‘Grease is the word!’ really is a perfect adult party theme idea. Travel back to 1950’s Rydell High School and relive the Californian summer romance between Danny and Sandy. For party decorations choose a colour theme as a base, either pale pink with black in line with the official Grease movie logo, or red and white which are the colours of Rydell High School.

Ensure you play the iconic soundtrack of the film to get guests in the mood, including sing-along classics such as ‘Greased Lightnin’’ and ‘Beauty School Dropout.’

A perfect setting for a Grease adult birthday party theme could be the 1950’s American diner complete with milkshakes, popcorn and burgers-also giving inspiration for party food. Follow this with French fries, banana splits and cherry-topped ice cream sundaes.

Fancy dress outfits may include a black leather jacket wearing ‘greaser’ from the iconic T-Birds, or perhaps dressing as a member of the all-girl gang the Pink Ladies sporting a pale pink sports jacket. Key scenes from the film work well for fancy dress inspiration, such as the raucous slumber party including silk baby-doll nighties, hair rollers, shower cap and slippers or Sandy’s final scene with a platinum perm, red lipstick and heels.  


Superhero Party

Who doesn’t love the excitement and fun of dressing up as a superhero! Wear your fun fancy dress outfit with pride as you recreate the make-believe world of your favourite childhood superhero. Whether you’re a Marvel or DC Comics fan, there’s a character to suit everyone.

Get the look by channeling your inner Batman, Spider-Man, Hulk or Wonder Woman to really get into the superhero party spirit. Fancy dress can be a full superhero character outfit, or pay homage to your favourite superhero with simple elements such as a mask, cape or wings.

Decorations for your superhero birthday party venue can include bright and colourful action phrases such as Kapow! Bam! and Boom! Use clusters of balloons in your superhero colour theme for added impact. Offer guests a selection of superhero props to help them get into character and provide great photo opportunities.

Food and drink can incorporate your superhero theme think ‘Superhero Punch’ to drink, ‘Hulk Jelly’ and ‘Kryptonite Cupcakes’ all served on superhero themed tableware with matching napkins. Why not use a superhero figurine as an eye-catching cake topper, or base your cake on your superhero’s colour palette.

Party games can be tailored to your favourite superhero such as a Spiderman assault course using red crépe paper streamers as a ‘web’ or how about a Captain America ‘pin the star on the shield’ game.


Back to School

Relive your youth with a back to school adult birthday party theme. Think school ties, chalkboards and graduation mortarboards. Don your best geek glasses and relive the good old days at a back to school reunion birthday party.

Use costumes and accessories to really get into the school spirit, think school girl fancy dress, Hogwarts gowns or perhaps relive your old school uniform colours (unless your old one still fits!).

Decorate your venue with educational accessories such as an abacus, atlas and alphabet posters alongside school images such as a locker backdrop to pose for photographs in front of.

Keep party food educational featuring numbers and letters and back to school slogans, whilst using world maps as tablecloths and glass milk bottles with straws to drink from.

Party games can include musical chairs, a classic school disco, and old fashioned pass the parcel. Party bags can include some comedy practical jokes and an apple for the teacher. 


Bond Theme

Throw a glamorous Bond theme birthday party to make 007 proud. For such a simple theme you won’t need many decorations to set the scene. Recreate Casino Royale with casino tablecloths, decks of cards and scattered coloured chips. Add ‘007’ balloons in black or gold as an eye-catching backdrop for photographs.

Party food is easy, with quick and easy to prepare chic canapés and nibbles your guests can snack on throughout the evening. Serve them on sophisticated silver platters in true Bond casino style. Serve drinks in Martini glasses for added elegance, either the real thing ‘shaken, not stirred’ or even a refreshing ‘mocktail’ for those not drinking.

A Bond theme adult birthday party with cocktails and sophisticated black tie attire will set the scene for an evening of glamorous Bond fun. Naturally a dashing black tuxedo is essential for the gentlemen while the ladies can opt to wow in cocktail dresses with diamonds, sunglasses and an elegant clutch bag.


Glamping Party

Perfect for an outdoors celebration in the summer months, a glamping party is an ideal way to celebrate a birthday party with friends and family. Get the tents up and enjoy the outdoors together.

A glamping venue looks beautiful decorated whimsically with tea lights, patterned bunting and lanterns hung in trees. Use natural fabrics such as hessian for a more rustic look and consider giving your camp an official name for the event. Decorate your camp with soft paper pom pom clusters, comfortable floor cushions and blankets to keep guests warm when the temperature drops. Natural seating such as straw bales work well, alongside tree stumps and pinecone decorations

No need for fancy dress at an adult glamping birthday party. Simply get the look with some comfortable and cosy clothing or perhaps opt for a chic festival boho look. A flower headdress gives an ethereal look teamed with layers for when it gets chilly later on.

Party games can include lighting a warming campfire once the sun goes down and toasting marshmallows by the firelight. Guests will love a fireside sing along or perhaps an outdoor scavenger hunt to keep everyone warm. Food could be traditional party food, a barbecue or more snack based. Add a little sweet treat using a marshmallow station with an array of toppings, and a midnight snack bar.


Beach Party

Add a little sunshine to your birthday party with a beach theme. Get the look by using nautical props and decorations such as whitewashed lanterns, fairy lights, seashells and tropical prints. Naturally distressed textures such as wood alongside faded fishing nets and shades of blue work well with a beach party theme.

Party food and drink can also take on a beach theme, using tropical fruit and veg such as pineapple and watermelon as snacks. Use sandcastle, shell and marine animal shapes for inspiration from sandwich cutters, jelly moulds and cupcake toppers.

Dress up for your beach theme party with an appropriate outfit for a day spent on the beach. Think colourful botanic Hawaiian prints, flower head garlands and sunglasses. Accessorise with parasols, inflatables and grass skirts for a true Hawaiian vibe.

Transform your venue into a tropical island by decorating with a selection of palm leaves, tropical flowers, balloon garlands and beach themed tableware. Impress your guests with a selection of iconic beach themed backdrops and under the sea photo props. 


DIY Spa Party

Hold your very own pamper party with an indulgent and calming DIY spa theme. Enjoy a grown up evening of relaxation including face masks, manicures and pedicures alongside soothing hand or head massages.

Stock up on beauty essentials such as eye masks, fresh towels, and plenty of cotton pads. Offer your guests a choice of pamper packages such as nail painting, facials and massages. Party activities could include learning how to make your own face mask with all natural ingredients.

Decorate your venue with the warm glow of delicate tea lights, rose petals and self serve coolers of refreshing fruit water. Gold and pastel shades work well to recreate a soothing spa experience.     

No need to dress up, simply wear your favourite fluffy bathrobe with slippers and a head towel to finish. Food and refreshment can include water, healthy snacks such as carrot and cucumber sticks with dips, and little sweet treats such as cake pops, marshmallows and cupcakes.


Awards Night

Recreate the glitz and glamour of the awards season with an awards night birthday party. Bring a taste of the movies to your birthday party with an awards night theme, always a good excuse to get dressed up and celebrate with friends.

Decorate your birthday party venue with the obligatory red carpet entrance, gold stars and movie night popcorn. Add a VIP entrance sign for guests, with gold mini Oscar awards to hand out. A black and gold theme works well to give your venue a luxurious feel, with movie themed props such as film reels, a movie clapboard and black and white film posters.

Party games can include an awards night bingo getting guests to check off events as they unfold at the Oscars. Give out awards to your guests for best dressed, celebrity look-alike, and even best speech. Get guests to guess the winners in each category and see who gets the most correct as the awards are streamed live for guests to watch.    

Murder Mystery

Always a thrilling adult birthday party theme, a murder mystery evening (https://www.partypacks.co.uk/products/host-your-own-murder-mystery-night-game) can have your guests enthralled trying to find out ‘who done it!’. As one big party game itself, guests are assigned characters in advance, advised how to dress the part, and given key phrases to say during the murder mystery evening itself. 

Decoration and props will depend on the setting of your murder mystery, but can easily be used to recreate a police crime scene, a night train, the theatre or a Victorian side alley for example. Clues throughout the evening will lead guests to find the victim, murder weapon, motive and finally the murderer. Anyone can be accused!

Dress up for your murder mystery role with key character props such as a wig, glasses, cigarette holder, string pearls, top hat and false facial hair. Food and drink can be a sit down meal where the games continue at the table, or hors d’oeuvres and nibbles guests can eat on the go. Try canapés, nuts, meats and cheeses, olives, breads and pretzels so guests aren’t too distracted from the excitement of the murder mystery birthday party theme. 


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