To Love or to Hate Valentine’s Day

valentines-day-packs-22359 With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, some of us are already booking the restaurant tables, ordering the roses, buying the chocolates, maybe even some buying the engagement ring.  Then the rest of us are already planning to take the day off work to go out and have a lovely time with our single friends to forget what the actual day is.  The latter group probably should stop reading now, unless you wanted to buy yourself a helium ‘I love You’ balloon and send it from your cat? (Yes I have done that before).


The Helium Balloon If you are not with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, these are perfect and cheaper than sending flowers. Or if you are buying one for your husband/boyfriend, having one of these turn up at his workplace would possibly embarrass him but it is the thought that counts? Especially if he has to carry it home on public transport. The send a balloon product works well for any occasion but more so with Valentines with the element of surprise.


The Wrapping of the Present I always buy my best friend ‘single for ever’ a present on Valentine’s Day, normally something silly but always with a personalised ribbon.  Adding the personalised touch, will make any present look better, even if it is just a bar of chocolate.  You can buy the ribbon to say ‘I Love you’ or ‘Happy Valentines’ day but adding in your special words will make him/her smile a lot more. The House Decoration This could be classed as romantic or completely over the top. But done in moderation it can look like you have put some effort in & in style.  Firstly the door curtains, when he/she comes home give them something to walk into. Valentine’s Day should not be without a cupid, buying a pack of 6 cut outs each room in your house could have one. Just these two products will get some smiles, but if you wanted to really make your house romantic all the decorations can be found here. Decorations


Fancy Dress? If there is no ring on your finger, then this is the best way to get the ring. Dressing up as a school girl or a naughty nurse before he gets home, is sure to get his pulse racing enough to get down on one knee. If all else fails then we also sell handcuffs and eye masks, we don’t recommend leaving him handcuffed to the bed if he has forgotten Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day can be a day to celebrate with your loved one, your single friends, or your cat. It isn’t necessarily about spending a fortune on an expensive meal, or champagne. For a chance to win a valentine’s day costume of your choice (to the value of £30) just enter the raffle below! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • Katy Griffiths on

    We are sure you will be enjoying some snow soon!

  • Kate on

    Would love to be skiing in alps with husband but reality will be much less interesting…

  • Katy Griffiths on

    What a lucky wife you have Mark!

  • Mark George on

    I’ll be taking my lovely Wife out for a Romantic Meal

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