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ve day party decorations

Let us help you put together a glorious 75th anniversary VE (Victory in Europe) Day party in commemoration of the end of nearly 6 years of conflict in Europe.

ve day party

Take a nostalgic look back at our 1995 catalogue, providing the perfect example of party accessories to commemorate VE Day. Join in with the three-day international celebration planned 8th to 10th May 2020 with Friday 8th May designated as a Bank Holiday.

On May 7th 1945 BBC radio made a newsflash report announcing VE Day would be a national holiday held on 8th May. News spread rapidly worldwide, seeing communities come together and begin festivities early on 7th May. Recreate those patriotic festivities using the Union Jack as a central colour theme. Red white and blue bunting lined the streets back in 1945, evoking strong National pride. Use exclusive VE Day 75 years bunting decorations to highlight such an iconic date.

ve day party decorations

As wartime restrictions ceased such as food and clothes rationing, blackouts and bombing raids, naturally people were keen to celebrate the end of war in Europe whilst commemorating and honouring those lost. A VE Day party pack including all the decorations you could need is ideal for celebrating Victory in Europe Day. Add nostalgic images such as the soldier silhouette or an original celebration photographic flag to drive home the sacrifices made.

ve day party

Original VE Day celebrations saw bonfires, local dances, firework displays, and pubs full of festivities. Add a little background music from the era to get your guests in the mood. Artists of the time include Vera Lynn and Marlene Dietrich alongside classic wartime popular tunes of the time, such as Pack Up Your Troubles, We’ll Meet Again, and The Siegfried Line. Use an old gramophone for an authentic sound, or simply as a scene setting prop for your dancing revellers.

Large-scale VE Day events were hastily organised in 1945 to mark the momentous occasion including parades, street parties and thanksgiving services. Recreate the atmosphere of the time with vintage style paper streamers, rosettes and Union Jack ‘waving’ flags for guests to flutter. Provide guests with VE Day party bags filled with post-war sweet treats such as lemon sherbets, pear drops and cola cubes to take home as a memento of the festivities.

The British Royal Family joined public jubilations appearing on Buckingham Palace balcony, with Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret even participating in a secret crowd ‘mingle.’ Use their frivolities for fancy dress inspiration, or perhaps Prime Minister Winston Churchill whose national radio broadcast, encouraged celebration, yet warned of the ongoing battle in the Far East and Pacific.

A classic white shirt with a VE Day Union Jack waistcoat, VE Day bow tie and a Union Jack bowler hat creates a nostalgic yet jolly look.  Accessorise by adding some shiny medals to a khaki military style jacket to emulate the heroes of World War II.

Decorate your tables with patriotic little table flag decorations, adding Tommy hats and gas masks for an authentic feel.

Ration books give a nostalgic nod to wartime restrictions, not lifted until long after WWII.

Adorn walls with iconic motivational propaganda posters from the era, encouraging the public to ‘Dig For Victory’ and ‘Come Into the Factories’ in support of the war effort. Why not hang iconic Spitfire models from the ceilings alongside Bombers and Mustangs as used to win the war.  And lastly don’t forget to a little revelry to your Victory in Europe Day themed party with some fun party games to get guests in the party spirit. Try a 1940’s quiz or ‘who’s who’ of World War II to really tests your guest’s knowledge. 

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