Vintage Mask Collection

Vintage Mask Collection

Vintage Mask Collection

Have you seen our Vintage Mask Collection?

We sell a large selection of assorted mask packs from various eras throughout history.

We have one from the 1920's...

1920's masks

One from Edwardian times...

Edwardian masks

and one from Victorian times...

Victorian masks

We also have Venetian masks...

Venetian Masks

Famous face masks....

Famous Face Masks

Musical Icon masks...

Musical Icon Masks

As well as Madame Tussauds, National Portrait Gallery, Stokholm's Leksaks Museum, Historical and Moyse's Hall Museum masks.

There are some weird and wonderful masks in this section and if you are looking for something original then you will definitely find it here!

(Click on any of the images to view on our main site)


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