We are giving away a FREE Tropical Decoration Pack

a Rafflecopter giveaway You may enter with no obligation through your Facebook & Twitter accounts, we would love some more Likes & Follows and we hold regular competitions seperately on social media!  Or you can just simply enter your name & email address. We will need to take your email address so we can notify the lucky winner by email.  Good luck!! Closing date is tomorrow!  Thank you all for entering the entries were all put into a hat.. and Katie price has won the pack.  New competition coming soon! product_70450_1_orig    


  • Katy Griffiths on

    It is amazing what they pick up isn’t?! Good luck in the competition! x

  • Victoria Leedham on

    Things that come out of the mouths of babes! My daughters had me in stitches

  • Katy Griffiths on

    OH!! That is very exciting! I expect you have bought lots of pink clothes?!

  • Stephanie Lear on

    My daughter reaching 30 weeks pregnant made me smile. Less than 10 weeks till I meet my granddaughter . I’m so excited :)

  • Katy Griffiths on

    Children are just brilliant for making us all smile!!

  • Frances Haslam on

    My niece, she always makes me smile!

  • Katy Griffiths on

    That would make me smile also! Mine are 6.30am children!

  • Rebecca Jones on

    My little man sleeping in till 8am has made me smile this week!

  • Katy Griffiths on

    That is great news!!

  • Fran Marshall on

    My daughter after being told she was being made redundant then being accepted for a fab job paying almost twice as much as her previous company :) :) :)

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