World Book Day Ideas for Teachers

World Book Day Ideas for Teachers

This years World Book Day falls on March 1st so there is still time to find that perfect outfit. I mean it's not just for the kids, Teachers need costumes too! We all know that a Teachers time is precious due to planning the lessons and marking books, so we have done the hard work for you when picking your costume this year. If you want some ideas then here are just a few of our favourites here at Party Packs.

World Book Day - Willy Wonka

This costume is sure to be a winner with your class for this years World Book Day! You could have some fun getting the kids to design some new fabulous sweets! Or even bring in a chocolate fountain so that you have your very own Wonka chocolate river! wonka

World Book Day - Miss Trunchbull

Well, this costume really is such fun for any teacher! Recreate this mean headmistress with our new Miss Trunchbull outfit. Perfect for the stricter teacher, or even for those that just like to have a bit of fun! Yes the mono brow comes with it! Trunchball

World Book Day - Fantastic Mr Fox

Become this cunning character, the almighty Fantastic Mr Fox! It is a great costume to add to any fancy dress box! fox

World Book Day - Harry Potter

Everybody loves the fantastic storyline of Harry Potter! This is sure to be a favourite with your students this year. Remember you can cast any spell you like, so kids you better behave! product_84708_1_orig

World Book Day - Nanny Costume

Who doesn't love the Mary Poppins. Another magical character to become! Don't forget to impress your students with your never ending handbag, and for those that don't want to listen you could always give them a spoon full of sugar! Nanny For more ideas have a look at our fancy dress ideas for adults!


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