World Cup Fun!

World Cup Fun!

Let's be honest there is literally every excuse nowadays to be able to throw a party with your friends! Especially in the summer. Well I for one am so excited for one of the biggest sporting events we know about! My first team, England Netball brought home the Gold this year at the commonwealths and I am really hoping that England football can do the same (obviously not a gold, the World Cup)! I know what your thinking, a long shot probably, but we can always hope! So I for one will be supporting them by throwing together a little World Cup Party and BBQ for me and all my friends to enjoy! Here's just a few of my ideas with the decorations here at Party Packs.

World Cup Bunting

If you read my post's you will know that i love bunting and literally have some for every event. That's right this event is no different. World Cup Themed Bunting - 7m I will certainly be hanging this amazing flag interior bunting all over the place. The great thing about this, is it has 32 different flags of the countries that qualified for the World Cup.

World Cup Balloons

I always like to hang balloons on my front door whenever i have any event at home! Okay, a very British traditional thing to do, but you need to remind everyone where the party is! As these come in a pack of 10 you could either bundle these into two hangers either side of the door or you could hang them singularly around the garden for when cooking the BBQ. World Cup Balloons - Pack Of 10

World Cup Novelties

Everybody loves a favour and something that they can either wear throughout a party or take home! Why not give all your guests these fun 2018 head boppers. I will be leaving these in a bowl by the front door and encouraging all of my guests to pick them up as they come in! 2018 Headboppers My husband will hate me for this one, but he will be wearing this whilst cooking the BBQ. It's just a bit of fun, and will definitely get into the mood! Plastic Referee Waistcoat

World Cup Tableware

Who doesn't like a well decorated buffet table? I know i do! Why not include all of our football inspired tableware to really help get into the footballing mood.                       Add these centrepieces for a little bit of height on the table. World Cup Centrepiece Put these quirky soccer ball picks in the burgers for an extra touch! Football inspired picks And if you have kids coming over then these great party bags with fillers will be the best way to keep them occupied. Gift Bag And Fillers For more of our World Cup inspired decorations visit Party Packs.


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