23 New Years Party Themes to Ring in 2023

23 New Years Party Themes to Ring in 2023

There’s something for everyone in this countdown of top NYE party ideas to set off your 2023 celebration in style!

 New Year's Eve 2022 2023

New Year’s Eve Disco

Take to the dance floor this New Year’s Eve with a NYE disco party theme! Great for young and old alike, this party theme is a New Year’s Eve staple. Decorate your venue in silver sparkle and holographic decorations, colourful lights, silver shiny shimmer curtains and tassel garlands – these look great framed against a black backdrop.

Serve up a disco inspired party feast on iridescent tableware. You can choose whether you go for fancy dress, but music is a must for any disco themed event. Create a special New Year’s Eve disco playlist ready for your party and get ready to dance the night away under the disco ball!

 Disco Party

Roaring Twenties

Recreate the roaring 20’s in your home or venue with black and gold decorations, glitzy décor and art deco patterns. This decorating idea is another big trending theme for a New Year’s Eve celebration- staying a popular choice ever since we entered the new roaring 20’s era of the current century in 2020.

Think of the Great Gatsby, speakeasy bars, flappers, gangsters and prohibition cocktails. Capture the razzmatazz of the 1920’s Jazz era with lavish backdrops, gold tassel garlands and more 20’s inspired party décor in our full 1920’s Party Decorations & Tableware collection.

 Roaring 20's New Year's Eve Party

Masquerade Ball

Masquerade parties are making a welcome comeback for 2023. This sophisticated party theme is the perfect choice for your New Year’s Eve event! Invite all your guests to wear a mask of their choice to the party.

At Party Packs, we have a fantastic selection of masquerade masks to suit everyone – from glitter eye masks and feather headdresses, black domino masks to white lace baroque decorated masks on sticks. Masquerade ball party decorations are elegant and sophisticated. Dress your venue in shimmering chandeliers, luxe rich colour curtains and fabrics, long feathers, candelabras, lanterns and drapes. Classic decorating colours for a masquerade ball are deep red, black, white and gold, capturing Venetian style.

The dress code for a masquerade ball is traditionally a ball gown or dinner jacket with the masks adding an element of disguise and mystery to the appearance of your guests – this theme is a great way to bring a luxurious vibe to a costume party or fancy dress.

Why not put an exciting twist on your masquerade ball with a Mardi Gras style party or a South American/Latino ‘Hora Loca’ celebration? This is a great option if you’re seeking a masked event for NYE that’s a bit less formal and more of a chance to let loose! Bring an upbeat and crazy feel to your masquerade celebration, incorporated into the festivities with sparkly masks, harlequin patterns and vibrant hats, noisemakers, costumes and lots of dancing.

Masquerade New Year's Eve Party

Decades Party Theme

New Year’s Eve is the perfect chance to celebrate iconic times in history and look forward to the good times of the future still to come! Look back on the best of every decade and pick your favourite era for your NYE event - whether it’s the 50’s, 60's, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, or 00’s!

For a 1950’s theme think rock and roll decorations, or for swinging 60’s go for a technicolour tie die scheme and groovy hippie fancy dress. Celebrate the 70’s with funky decorations and iridescent tableware or transport your guests back to the 80’s with neon party supplies. Recreate the 90’s with retro tableware to spice up your NYE party. 

1970's 1980's Fancy Dress Party New Year's Eve

NYE Movie Night

If you prefer a night in to a night on the town, watching movies is a great way to spend your New Year’s Eve! Ideal for all ages, this party theme is a great way to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest on the last night of the year.

Pick out a classic film, blockbuster, rom com, action movie or thriller - or for children, you can choose a family movie. Serve up snacks and sweets in red and white striped cinema snack boxes. Get glammed up for the big screen or host a chilled night in with popcorn and PJ’s.

For a glitzier event give your New Year’s Eve movie night a red carpet theme with film reel decorations, hanging gold foil stars, Hollywood scene setters and photo photo props, like in our At the Movies Décor Kit. Don't forget to check out our full At the Movies collection.

Movie Night Decoration Pack


Champagne Party

Say cheers and toast in the New Year with a champagne party to celebrate the start of 2023. Decorate your venue with champagne bottle and flute foil helium balloons to set the scene. Serve drinks to your party guests with a prosecco bubbly drinks wall holder. You can personalise your champagne glasses with the names of each of your guests. Check out full Prosecco Party collection. Enjoy a glass of bubbly or two and see in the New Year with a pop, fizz, clink.

Champagne Party


Fireworks Night

New Year’s Eve festivities just wouldn’t be the same without some midnight fireworks! Set off your 2023 with a bang and make fireworks the party theme for your New Year’s celebration. Bring all the festive feeling of a fireworks display to your home or venue with colourful pinwheel decorations and foil centrepiece sprays. Light up 2023 party sparklers for your guests to wave or place them into the New Year’s Eve party food.

If you’re staying in for New Year, put the TV on and watch the fireworks display in London, or wrap up warm and gather outside to watch your own local fireworks display with friends, family and neighbours.

 New Year's Eve Fireworks Party


Glitter Party

Bring some sparkle to the cold winter nights with a glitter party theme! New Year’s Eve is all about the glitz and the glam - a glitter party is the perfect way to bring that sense of special occasion and magic to your NYE 2023. Decorate your venue in an array of glitter coated decorations.

At Party Packs, we have everything you need to set your party alive with sparkle, from glitter coated bunting to glitter cotton drapes, you’ll even find gold glitter tableware! This gold glitter Happy New Year message banner is the perfect addition to your glitter party décor. 

Encourage your guests to wear their most glittery, sequin spangled party outfits to match the party theme – or don biodegradable glitter and sparkle covered accessories for the evening. Shop glitter coated hats, novelty glasses, shiny tiaras and sequined bow ties.

New Year's Eve Glitter Party


Peaky Blinders

By Order of the Peaky Blinders! This New Year’s Eve party theme has been a top choice ever since the huge success of the popular TV series – and it’s not going anywhere for 2023. Time to put on your gangster flat caps, pocket watches and faux furs for a Shelby inspired celebration. Much like a roaring 20’s Gatsby style celebration, this party theme is brimming with Art Deco flair.

Capture the theme for NYE with a Peaky Gangster decoration pack, gangster wanted signs and Shelby Co. Ltd. distillery posters and bottle labels. Our Peaky Blinders Party collection features exclusive decorations to transform your venue into The Garrison, official tableware of the TV series, plus card masks and lifesize cutouts of all the main characters, from Shelby brothers Tommy and Arthur to Polly, Ada and John.

Peaky Blinders Party


Las Vegas Casino Night

Take a trip to sin city for NYE ’23 with a Las Vegas inspired casino night. This theme is perfect for New Year’s Eve party guests that are partial to a bit of a gamble. Roll the dice, play your hand and have a flutter at the blackjack table and roulette wheel with exclusive casino night decorations and party supplies at Party Packs, from playing cards and golden money signs to casino chips and card suit cutouts.

Las Vegas Casino Night


Pamper Party

If going out on the town for New Year isn’t your thing – a Pamper Party theme is perfect for a relaxing night in. Escape the hustle and bustle of the crowds at midnight and revitalise yourself instead for the year ahead.

Face masks, nail painting, mini foot spas, makeovers and hair styling are all great ideas for things to do. Put together a hamper of beauty products and favours for your guests to use on the night. This party theme will have you feeling well and truly refreshed for 2023.

Pamper Party


Midnight Feast

What better way to ring in 2023 than with a plate full of party food? While tradition normally leads us to wine and dine well before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, there’s no reason why you can’t save back the best snacks until just after the countdown. Fill giant serving platters with a helping of miniature treats, nibbles and canapés.

Kids are sure to love this exciting party idea – after all, a late night snack is only allowed on VERY special occasions! If they’re a little too young to stay up you can always pretend its 12am for the “midnight feast” before bedtime.

New Year's Eve Party Midnight Feast


Chinese New Year Party

The Lunar New Year may not be until the end of January – but it makes a great unique party theme for December 31st. Dress your venue in red and gold Chinese New Year decorations with fortune cookies laid out on the tables for your friends and family or guests. Display good luck messages and words of positivity around your party venue to welcome prosperity in the coming year.

Chinese New Year Party


NYE Photobooth

Capture lasting memories of your event with a fun photobooth at your New Year’s Eve celebration. A photobooth creates a wonderful chance to look back on your last night of 2022 and treasure those good times for years to come.

Start by setting up a photo backdrop – whether it’s a sparkling shimmer curtain or gleaming balloon arch. A good backdrop will make your party photos pop! Next, make up a box of photo props, selfie kits and funny New Year’s Eve fancy dress accessories, including hats, glasses and wigs for everybody to pose with!

This party idea is great for guests of all ages who love to share their party snaps – whether it’s to social media or in a special family photo album.

New Year's Eve Photobooth


Murder Mystery Night

This New Year’s Eve party theme is perfect for people who love interactive games and a bit of acting. Guests are cast as individual characters in a story and then try to solve the mystery of who committed the ‘murder’. The game makes a fun ice-breaker and party theme for NYE 23.

A murder mystery night can take a bit of planning in advance - the first step is to send out invitations and see who can make it. Next, plan character roles for all the guests who will be attending. Be sure to let everyone know the details of their part in the murder mystery, including character information, rules of the game costume suggestions. At Party Packs, find a great range of Murder Mystery Kits in different themes for hosting your event. 

Murder Mystery Night


Romantic Night In

If you’re lucky enough to be loved up this NYE, spend an evening with your special person and celebrate the milestone of a reaching the New Year together. New Year’s Eve is a great time to be romantic and show appreciation for your other half - whether it’s with a candlelit dinner, a New Year’s kiss at midnight, or even a New Year’s Eve proposal!

There’s many ways to set the mood for a romantic NYE. Decorate with fairy lights, flower petals, candles and lanterns for a cosy feeling. Write a special message to your partner on a personalised banner to wish them a Happy New Year.

 Romantic New Year's Eve


NYE Quiz Night

Sharpen up your general knowledge skills and challenge yourselves to a quiz night with this fun NYE party theme. A quiz night is a great way to get those brains back into gear after the holiday season and ready for the year ahead! Appoint one member of your party as the quizmaster or take turns to read the questions with each round.

The questions can be a mixture of all kinds of topics to get every member of your group involved – with a round for kids’ topics and trickier questions for the smartest of the bunch. Why not have one round for New Year’s Eve themed questions too? You can decorate your venue in traditional NYE colours, in the style of your favourite TV quiz show, or put on your mortarboard hats go with a ‘Back to School’ theme instead.

New Year's Eve Quiz Night


Neon Night

Get your glow sticks at the ready and host a neon party for New Year’s Eve 2023! All you need are black lights and a dark room for that UV effect to get your neon party supplies glowing! Immerse your venue in neon decorations.

Dress up in all kinds of fantastic accessories for a neon NYE party, from glow bracelets and glow necklaces to neon UV face paint, glow in the dark face jewels fluorescent accessories and colourful fancy dress in bright orange, pink, yellow, green, purple and blue. At Party Packs, our New Year’s Eve neon range of decorations contains personalised banners to display your NYE message in multi-coloured letters.

Neon New Year's Eve Party


Beer Pong & Drinking Games 

Beer pong is a drinking game classic that’s perfect for NYE. You can play this game with alcoholic drinks or with soft drinks depending on which you prefer.

Set up cups at each end of a table and take turns to shoot a ping pong ball into the cups in front of the other player. If your ball drops in one of their cups that cup is taken off the table and they have to down the contents. The first to clear all the other player’s cups off the table wins.

Bring a glass of bubbly to your New Year’s Eve drinking games with the slightly fancier alternative of prosecco pong instead! Or come up with your own drinking game to get you and your guests feeling merry in time for midnight.

Beer Pong Prosecco Pong


Countdown to midnight

Waiting for those first moments of the New Year is exciting, so why not theme your party around the countdown to the clock striking 12?! These New Year’s Eve Countdown Balloons are a great way to build up the anticipation for 2023. Burst one balloon every hour until midnight - the final balloon releases a shower of confetti!

Why not make your own DIY balloon clock to display in your party venue? This unique idea makes a wonderful decoration for your New Year’s Eve celebrations and a great craft activity for children!

To make your balloon clock, start by inflating 12 balloons in colours of your choice and writing or sticking on numbers from 1-12. Next, attach the balloons to a wall in a giant circle and cut out a minute and hour hand to place in the centre of your clock. As the evening goes on, move the hands around to match the current time until it’s finally midnight. Make a big impact as the clock strikes 12 with noisemakers, party poppers and confetti cannons!

2023 Countdown Balloons


Karaoke Party

Karaoke is sure to be a hit at any New Year’s Eve event! Who doesn’t like to ring in the New Year with a good song and a dance. With a karaoke contest between you and your guests you can get those vocal chords well and truly warmed up for a chorus of 'Auld Lang Syne' at midnight.

To decorate your venue, shop musical notes hanging whirls, inflatable microphones, saxophones and guitars! Give your karaoke party a fancy dress element and invite your guests to come in character as their favourite popstar or music icon.

Karaoke Party


2023 Party

Celebrate the start of a new calendar year by adorning your home or venue with 2023 decorations. At Party Packs we’ve got 2023 banners, posters and bunting to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Inflate giant foil 2023 balloons and decorate your party food with 2023 number candles and sparklers. Serve up snacks with ‘Hello 2023’ paper napkins and hand out 2023 glittered card novelty glasses for your guests to wear on the night.

2023 Happy New Year Banner Decoration


NYE Balloon drop

A New Year’s Eve balloon drop is a great idea to create an exciting spectacle for the beginning of a New Year and bring your party to life. Inflate lots of balloons with air to different sizes and use a net to secure them up to the ceiling. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, pull the net away to release a cascade of balloons over everyone in the room!

New Year's Eve Balloon Drop


At Party Packs, explore our full collection of New Year's Eve party supplies for everything you need to decorate in time for NYE. Shop New Years decorations, tableware, novelties, fancy dress and much more!

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Did you find this blog useful? What are your party plans for New Year’s Eve? Let us know how you’ll be welcoming in 2023 in the comments!


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