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  • Easter Fun!!

    Easter Fun!!

    Easter is an egg-cellent excuse to spend some much needed time with the family. Even if it's just a small party or an over the top Easter egg hunt, we have a...

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  • Easter Party Ideas For All The Family

    Easter Party Ideas For All The Family

    The Easter weekend is a great excuse to have some much-needed time with the family. So, why don’t you make this Easter one to remember with an Easter Party? ...

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  • Easter Party | Ideas for a Spring Birthday Party, Christening or Easter Themed Party

    Easter Party | Ideas for a Spring Birthday Party, Christening or Easter Themed Party

    My gorgeous little nephew is being christened over the Easter weekend and coincidently it’s also his 1st birthday party, so it’s a perfect time to throw an E...

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  • Easter Egg Party Bags

    Easter Egg Party Bags

    We have some lovely Easter Egg party bags over in our Easter Section. If you are planning an Easter party, Easter egg hunt or are throwing an Easter themed ...

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  • Easter Egg Stands

    Easter Egg Stands

    We've got some really sweet little Easter Egg Holders over in our Easter section. They are really sturdy and are great for holding little chocolate eggs or e...

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  • Easter Chick Cupcake Kit

    Easter Chick Cupcake Kit

    I have been making cakes again! This time to try out our Easter Chick Cupcake Kits, and I say cakes but actually I cheated a bit as they are rice crispie cak...

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  • Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter is coming up on the 31st of March and I am really hoping that the weather has improved by then! It seems so late in the year to be having snow, but th...

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  • Egg Dying Kit

    Egg Dying Kit

    This week I have been dying eggs with our Coloured Cups Egg Dying Kit... It was really simple to use and came with everything you need to colour eggs, even t...

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